WireTripper and the new ScapeFilms.com

Hello everyone. Welcome to the new ScapeFilms.com.

WireTripper is our new short film going into production next month. It’s short but sweet. Our first science fiction film and I’m geeked about it. Sci-Fi is my favorite genre but strangely enough, we have yet to actually make a sci-fi film. We seem to be stuck in this whole drama-horror-comedy rut, which is nice, but now I feel like I get to spread my wings just a little more now. Growing up on trilogies like Star Wars and Alien, sci-fi films have been an inspiration for a lifetime. While I have written sci-fi films in the past it just never seemed like I got around to making them.

This film isn’t overly complex and doesn’t sport a host of great special effects. It’s pretty mild when it comes to sci-fi. But it explores some interesting concepts and it’s a great starter film for getting into making more sci-fi flicks.

Right now we are accepting headshots and resumes for the film, and if you have them, short video clips of your acting. You can send this information using our contact page or better yet our message forum. Or hell you could just reply here with a link to your website if you have one. But before you do definitely check out the WireTripper page for more information.

As for the new website… guess what? I scrapped the old site and spent three weeks building a brand new one from scratch. One that was iTunes inspired and looked pretty cool. But before I launched it I realized I wasn’t that thrilled with it, so in a days time switched gears and rebuilt the whole website a different way using wordpress. As a result we get all this cool functionality and blogging ability we wouldn’t have had. It’s pretty cool and I hope you guys enjoy it too. Feel free to sign up. That’s right you can sign up to this new site, just hit the register link on the side.


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