What Could Have Been

Steve and his girlfriend Rebecca are camping/canoeing with friends when he stops off on the side of the river to relieve himself. He finds a magic marble laying on the ground that shows him what could have been an alternative version of the future. His own drowning in the river along with the all the friends that would jump in to try and save him. In the end, he snaps out the revelation to find himself standing in the canoe, the start of what would have been his demise if he held onto the marble any longer. He throws it to the river bank avoiding what could have been.

About the film
The original goal was to rerecord all the actor’s dialog under a more controlled environment. But it’s been so long since this film was shot, some of our actors have moved out of state. So it is what it is.

Run time: 4:17
2015 Remaster and upscale to 720p

Year: August 2004
Format: DV
Camera: JVC DVM75U
Music: Edgen Animations (http://www.edgen.com)
Cost: nothing
Shoot time: 6 hours

Every year Steve here at Scape Films gets together with his brother Tony and they plan a huge camping and canoeing trip. 50+ loud and drunk people floating down the Rifle River. This has been happening for about 6 years now and it’s become “a thing”. This year sort of last minute I decided I would write up a short script. Something we could shoot on the river. A way to take advantage of the scenery. Steve liked the idea and the next day we were on the river with my little JVC miniDV camera. If you’ve ever thought of trying to canoe and film a movie at the same time, I wouldn’t recommend it. Not only do you have to deal with not getting the camera wet but getting the canoe’s and the river to cooperate. Not to mention all the loud drunk people everywhere.

I knew that there was no way in hell I’d get good sound. But we shot it anyway. All handheld and with plans to rerecord the dialogue in post. More on that later.

It turned out to be a pretty decent little film considering we didn’t go in completely prepared to shoot a film. We went in to canoe. The film was a secondary objective, but one we accomplished and I’m proud to say I made.