Scape Films is Dead

It’s taken me years to admit this, but Scape Films is dead. Times change. People’s lives move on.

The truth is, Scape Films really hasn’t been a thing since 2006.
I’ve had ideas over the years for new films, but nothing that I was ever passionate enough to make. As the years moved on I continued to hold out hope my spark would reignite, but it hasn’t.
It’s been thirteen years now. Nearly a decade and a half since our last film. There has been no movement. So I think it’s time to just say it’s over.

The prime era of Scape Films existed between 1998 and 2006. Bookended by my first 16mm short film One Strange Night and our last short film Crash.

I spent this afternoon going through the Wayback Machine and looking at the various website designs has gone through since 2001. Pretty neat. Some of them really great. I kind of miss them. I even briefly considered changing the design today to one of the older designs, as a sort of retro thing. Problem is, I wouldn’t be able to decide which design.

Looking back, I probably spent just as much time on the website as I did making films back then. Then I noticed that around 2012 the website updates and redesigns begin to drastically tapper off. From 2013 on, with the switch to WordPress, the website has remained virtually unchanged in design and content. Which just goes to show that not only did I lose interest in making films, but updating the website as well.

As it stands now, this website remains up as a legacy. A sort of time capsule. Don’t expect anything new. Though…


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