Reworking an old script (action=money) or not

I said I didn’t want to jump back into another feature right way. That I wanted to do a few shorts first. So maybe it’s stupid of me to suddenly consider doing another feature. Or at least starting the preproduction on one, which includes the script.

The script I have is at about 80 pages. 10 to 20 more could finsih the movie as it stands right now. This script has been written over the course of many many years. I’m talking 10 years here in some form or another. I keep coming back to it. I always wrote it as something I could shoot on a budget. But my style of writing today is different then it was say two years ago when I last worked on it. Back then my work was mostly dialogue driven. As can be seen in my feature. Today I’m focusing more on action. Since I noticed my movies tend to be a little boring without enough action.

I think I’ve always shyed away from action when writing because it usually equals money in my mind (action=money). But these days I notice I really need it. I figure a movie should be 50/50 dialogue/action. And when I say action I don’t mean gun fights and explosions half the time. But rather just something interesting to look at other then somebodies face talking.

My problem is trying to figure out where to put this action into my exisiting story. I fear having to rewrite the entire film. But maybe it’s somethign I have to do.

I realize no one can help me much without actually reading the script. I’m just venting to myself really.


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