[UPDATE February 6, 2014] – Quickguns has been completely recut and remastered from the original source footage. This is a new edit of the film with a new opening title, credit roll and previously unseen shots. The gun muzzle flashes and sound effects have also been left out for a cleaner look. The film has been upscaled to 1080p high definition. Although the original source footage was shot in standard defintion, this new upscaled version is cleaner for watching on HD televisions and monitors.

A thief breaks into a gunman’s house looking to steal a disc containing important information and get out. However the gunman Gabriel Vigario hears something and upon investigating, the two discover each other and quickly take action.

QuickGuns is a test film we made back in 2003 to try out some muzzle flashes (removed in 2014 version) and gun play action scenes. However a bigger story is being developed out of the Gabriel Vigario (gunman) character. That story is being written right now into a feature length screenplay.

Running time: 2:13
Flash File Size: 8MB’s

Year: January 2003
Format: DV
Camera: JVC DVM75U
Music: Edgen Animations (http://www.edgen.com)
Cost: priceless
Shoot time: 3 hours

1. Why is he stealing a blank CD case?
We were trying to be cool and used a clear CD thinking it would come off as a futuristic version of what are called holographic discs currently in development.

2. Why are the only sounds (besides the music) from the guns?
As said this was a test film to test out action gun play. Guns, especially fake guns come off looking more real when they are presented with sound effects and muzzles flashes.
[UPDATE 2014] The new 2014 remaster of the film has no sound effects, only music.