Prey for the new Vampire

Years ago I wrote a short film titled Vampire that I had planned to shoot. Steve and I even spent a day location scouting for churches we could use. I still feel horrible about walking into that one church and asking them if we could use it for a vampire film. The lady looked at us like we were some kind of devil worshippers. It didn’t help that both of us had just so happened to be wearing all black, something we didn’t realize until later. Sometimes common sense and decency just slips my mind. Yikes!

Well… I’ve been sitting on the script for years now. Like I have with so many of my scripts, so I decided I would put it out there to see if any other filmmakers would be interested in shooting it. I got a response back pretty quickly from a woman who goes by the username BlueBee. She was really nice and wanted to take it on as her first filmmaking project. Awesome I thought. She then passed the story onto Richard McClure who I’ve known over the net for years. In fact he’s the guy I passed The Sanctuary onto when I got tired of running it. Very cool guy. He rewrote the story and retitled it Prey. I got a copy of the script and it is different on the surface but the core of it is still the same. He did a good job and I’m excited to see it as a movie.

On December 9th and 10th the crew that BlueBee pulled together shot the short film out in California. I have yet to see the film or any production stills from it. I’m awaiting all that just the same as all of you hopefully soon to be fans of it. But I did get this really cool t-shirt and a sweet Christmas card. Thanks BlueBee.

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