One Strange Night

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One Strange Night
Written and Directed by: Mike Tesh
Props and Grip by: Rebecca DeGowske
Music score “0pal” by: Josh McAllister

Mike Bishop
Dan Chisnell

Running time: 2 minutes & 53 seconds
Format: 16mm tri-X reversal B&W film
Camera: Arri S non sync
Cost: $200
Remastered October 07/08 2017

Have you ever fell asleep and woke up at night thinking it’s already the next day? You soon realize you are mistaken but everything has a strange sense about it. For our young hero, this was one of those strange nights. Still confused and half asleep, he hears a ring of the doorbell. Upon opening the door he finds a knife salesman ready to make his final sale. After showing him a nice blade, the salesman lights up a smoke and asks if he can use the restroom. Things take a turn for the worse as the salesman turned killer lunges at our hero with a very special sales pitch. But our hero is on the ball and saves the day. This was truly One Strange Night for our hero.