Meatheads is a short comedy film about three idiot metal heads that encounter a crazy machete wielding neighbor who dresses up like a low-rent Batman.

Starring: Tom O’Leary, Jamie McGuire, Stephen Parpart, and Mike Tesh

We lost this film for years. We had thought it was gone forever and then one day I(Mike) was importing old family videos off of Video8 tapes and suddenly there it was. It had been buried in the middle of a tape labeled Easter Sunday or something like that. A tape I had never bothered checking because of its label. We had assumed we used a new tape when we recorded it but had in fact recorded it on a tape with other family footage at the beginning.

On July 1, 2019 I made a post on my personal facebook account about finding the film. This is what I wrote:

Twenty-five years ago my friends and I made a stupid little comedy short called Meatheads. As far as I remember, we shot it and then lost it. I’m not even sure we ever watched it before losing it. We assumed it was gone forever. That we must have accidentally taped over it. So it’s always been this film we’d talk about like it was some long lost treasure. Well… I just found it and it’s definitely a treasure.

It’s a spiritual predecessor to a series of comedy films we would make years later called The Withers Trilogy.

My friends and I made three kinds of films:
Serious (or at least an attempt at it) Horror
Thought provoking Dramas

Meatheads was the first of the Comedies.

Most people would think it’s stupid, and it is. But it’s our stupid. It’s one of the many things my friends and I did from middle school all the way through our college years. We made movies. Movies that were for us. Never really meant to be seen by anyone else, except maybe a few new friends.

Like the rest of our middle school through college era films, these are fun for us to watch and look back on, but also a bit embarrassing. As a result they don’t appear online for viewing. But here are a few images from the short movie for the record.

Fun Fact:
Meatheads is the movie referenced in our short film Caught on Tape and bits of it can be seen in the film. The story told by the character Mike is based on real events.

Labeled as Touch My Turkey Production like The Withers Trilogy
Release Date: Unreleased Online
Shoot Date: Circa mid-1990s (exact date/year unknown)
Shot on: Sony Handycam Video8 Camera

Date page added to November 2nd, 2021