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So you got your roll on, don’t you? But, the party’s off and your
straight-edge friends wouldn’t be pleased to know. Better keep it under control. Better Maintain.

Maintain is the new short film from the crew at Scape Films. It’s the story of young PJ, an up and coming Raver trying to deal with reality against the mind-blowing influence of youE-knowE-whatE. It’s an X-perience he won’t soon forget.

We’ve got a stellar cast of real people and everyone is having a great time learning about the process. There’ll be more to show you soon, so check back!


PJ- Phil Baron
Jeffy- Joe Van Marcke
Billy- Justin Rekasi
Dolly- Laura Dietzel, Krystal Robertson
Sister- Shanna Nowack, Andrea Nettles
Dude- Ken Pham
Team “Everybody Dance”

Writer/Director- Phil Baron
Cinematographer- M.S. Tesh
Boom Operator- Krystal Robertson, Rebecca DeGowske, Jay Northup
Editor- Ken Pham
Catering- Jon’s Coney Island, Che Cosa
Stylist- Pete the Barber

Arizona State University
-Ron Newcomer
LaserQuest Clinton Township
-Mike Mueller
Jon’s Coney Island
-Leena The Waitress
Che Cosa Coffee House
-Jon Forlini
Sinister Handshake Records
-Josh McAllister

Stance- “Tired of This”
Stance- “The Dead Guys Are Coming”
Nebali- “Janey’s Book”
f1lam3nt- “Do You Love Me”

$15- wardrobe
$100- hair
$10- lollipops
$20- glowsticks
$20- rave security
$75- Digital Video Tapes
$30- Postage
$10- Photocopying
$45- Craft Services
$500- Air Travel
$20- Puppeteering
Total- $845

Filmed entirely on Location in Clinton Township, Michigan and Mesa, Arizona.