Maintain update 4-17-2002

All but finished with principle photography on “Maintain”. There was one page we didn’t get to shoot in Clinton Township because of an actor’s unavailability.Granted, that didn’t stop us from having two Dollies, but both actors’ performances were so good that we’re remiss to reshoot either. But, so we’ll take care of that last page, faking it as best we can with people from Arizona covering performances. The scene is most about the dialogue and a shot of a prop anyway, so it should come out alright. That will all be done within the next week, and editing will start. We’ve scheduled Ken Pham, to do it all on Sunday the 28th, but we’re hoping to get started before that so we can finish on the 28th.There’s been talk of a June Premier with the “Withers” trilogy. I feel like the audiences for the two styles of films will be very different and that could either be a great thing or a nightmare. Let me throw this out there for the first time:What does anybody think of the possibility of having the local bands from the “Maintain” soundtrack each play a short set either before or after the viewing? Give people more incentive to come out and pay their dime. Give the bands more direct recognition with the picture, and a chance to slut their wares. Make us feel more justified in renting the theater out.I don’t even know if it’s possible; it’s just something I’m kicking around the office.Everyone chime in. Let me know to talk to the bands or not.


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