2021 HD Color Remastered Version:

Original Black & White Version:

A short film from writer/director Stephen Parpart.

October 2006
In May of 2005 we set out to make a small independent psychological film titled Crash. We were unaware of the feature film by the same title at the time. After learning of the feature film and much debate, we ultimately preferred to keep the title we started with. So we present to you Crash.

Note: Sadly we lost most of our original audio for the film in an early hard drive crash (no pun intended) so we had to use on-camera audio as a backup. The result is poor audio in many scenes and not what we intended.

Ryan MacLean – Andy
John Wieczerza – Brian
Stacey Jozwiak – Marissa
J. Wayde Miller – Dr. Corbin
Susie Vestevic – Beverly
Sherri Einkorn – Brian’s Mom
Mike Tesh – Tom
Rebecca Reynolds – Amy
Stephen Parpart – Guy in chair

Stephen Parpart – Writer/Director
Mike Tesh – Cinematographer/Editor

Year: 2006
Format: Canon MVX100i DV camera
Running time: 0:17:00
Download: H.264 MP4 Format – 480×256 (87MB)