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Scape Films is Dead

It’s taken me years to admit this, but Scape Films is dead. Times change. People’s lives move on. The truth is, Scape Films really hasn’t been a thing since 2006. I’ve had ideas over the years for new films, but

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New screenplay in the works

Dan Chisnell and myself are currently at work on a feature length horror/mystery screenplay. The story is loosely based on an exprience we had as a group of a friends back in the mid 1990’s exploring an abandoned mental hospital.

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WireTripper and the new

Hello everyone. Welcome to the new WireTripper is our new short film going into production next month. It’s short but sweet. Our first science fiction film and I’m geeked about it. Sci-Fi is my favorite genre but strangely enough,

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Prey for the new Vampire

Years ago I wrote a short film titled Vampire that I had planned to shoot. Steve and I even spent a day location scouting for churches we could use. I still feel horrible about walking into that one church and

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