Stephen Parpart

Stephen Parpart

Stephen Parpart

Stephen Parpart began making films when he was young. With and interest in actor attended acting classes at a young age and soon found himself to be the star of his own series of films developed by himself, Dan Chisnell, Jamie McQuire and few others. The series was Mind’s Playing Tricks on me which Steve later went back to develop into a single feature film called “Falling Apart”.

During freshman year of high school Steve met up with Mike Tesh and the two began developing films together along with Dan Chisnell, Jamie McQuire and Tom O’Leary. By the end of high school Mike and Steve was still very interested in making films and even though Steve went off to Michigan State University for 5 years to earn a degree in teaching, he still found time to come back and make films with Mike. Most notable among those films were the Withers Trilogy.

After college Steve returned home where Mike, Dan and him began working on Falling Apart. Steve put a lot of time and effort into Falling Apart and the work paid off as the film was completed. After Falling Apart Steve penned a script for a film titled “Mistake” which after one production meeting never ended up getting shot. But all was well as it was followed up by his next script titled Crash which Steve produced and directed.

In 2007 Steve moved from Michigan to Maryland to pursue a full time career as a school teacher. He is missed here at Scape Films, but does return every so often for a visit and will continue to make films on his own in Maryland if need be.

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