About Scape Films

Scape Films is a Detroit based motion picture collective. We’re a collective in that we consist of core people who tend to stick around, as well as bring in new people for various productions. We tend to swtich up roles depending on the film and who takes the lead. We’ve been making films since the mid 1990’s. Our biggest production to date has been our feature film titled Falling Apart. Shot entirely in Michigan over the course of four months during the fall of 2003, Falling Apart consisted of a cast and crew of over twenty dedicated people to bring this dramatic horror film to life. It premiered at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak on June 15th 2005 and was later sold on limited edition DVD. Today it is available to watch free on its official website.

The last Scape Films production was the short film titled Crash, which is also available online.

Our goal since the beginning has been to entertain and enlighten. Like many small shoestring budget production companies in the Detroit area, we work to produce films that are both fun to watch and fun to make. To date everyone we have worked with has been wonderful and we’ve even had several people return to make more films with us.

We are a professional team of hard workers who understand the filmmaking process, technology and people skills required to make a production happen. Making a film is no easy task. We understand the time and work required and we ask that everyone joining us on a production also understand that it’s not all fun and games. That said, we make the best of it and try to promote a relaxed and creative environment for everyone involved.

Please check out the rest of our website, sit back and watch a few films or learn a little more about our history. Tell others.

If you’re an actor or looking to crew on our next film, please shoot us an email using our contact page and we’ll get back to you when we go into pre-production.