Hey, cats! Just wanted to alert the media that- cast willing- “Maintain” is set to finish filming in Clinton Township, Michigan next week. We’re gonna dye Phil’s hair blond again, and put him on a plane East. I showed a rough cut of the footage we DO have to Terry Donnelly last week. He was markedly impressed with “I wish I was Ted” and Laura Dietzel’s performance as Dolly. It’s entirely possible we’ll just finish the movie as is and make no mention of the fact that Dolly is played by two different actresses. Currently, we’re planning to use the music of Detroit bands f1lam3nt (for the Rave scenes) and Nebali (for the coffee shop scene). Once production wraps, we’ll begin editing and possibly contact more bands about borrowing their songs. Ken Pham of Mesa, Arizona has offered to edit the flick for us with the director. He’s Phamtastic! Peace,

-Vader (Phil)


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